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Chimney Caps, Rain Cowls, Anti Down Draught Cowls & Bird Guards

We can assess, supply and install a range of chimney cowls to suit your chimney requirements.

Ventilation Cap

For unused chimneys only, this allows a small quantity of air to escape from the chimney (to prevent damp within the chimney there must always be slight ventilation) whilst preventing the ingress of rain and pests.

Save energy
Chimneys naturally suck air from the room where the fireplace is situated, capping an unused chimney can help retain heat within your house saving on fuel bills.

Your fireplace & chimney CANNOT BE USED when a ventilation cap is present.

Chimmney Ventilation cap with strap
Chimmney Ventilation cap with strap

Bird Guard Cowls

As the name suggests these cowls keep birds from nesting in your chimney, whilst at the same time they act as a rain cap stopping rain water entering from above. Your fire can be used with a bird guard installed.

Birds build nests between February and August in the UK, with Jackdaws being the main culprit for building inside chimneys. The nest can extend the entire length of the chimney. Removing a wheely bin full is not uncommon, occasionally a sweep will remove enough nesting material to fill a skip.

It can be a time-consuming and costly excercise removing birds nests, sometimes requiring the removal of brickwork to gain access into the chimney.

Bird guard cowl and rain cap
Bird guard cowl and rain cap
Bird nests can not only block your chimney they also cause and trap damp in the chimney masonry along with its associated problems for your house
Bird nests can not only block your chimney

Anti Down Draught Cowls / Draught Enhancing Cowls

In certain circumstances an anti down drought cowl will stop the downward force of wind onto your chimney pot. Wind can do this when it is in rota, usually caused by your own roof shape or nearby buildings and or trees. As wind swirls over these obstacles various areas will experience a down force of wind, if this is where your chimney pot is situated you will have a down draught within your chimney. Usually occurs when the wind is blowing at a certain strength and from a certain direction. Your fire can be used with an anti down drought cowl installed.

Some anti down draft cowls will also enhance your flues draught when there is wind passing over the cowl, if you have a poorly drawing fire this may be a solution.

Anti down drought cowl
Anti down drought cowl
Safety Alert
Chimneys require sweeping regularly when in use (at least annually).
The removal of soot and other obstructions will help prevent dangerous chimney fires, ensuring compliance with your buildings insurance terms & conditions. We provide you with a dated certificate of sweeping as required by your buildings insurance.

We service:

Our professional chimney sweeps are not only fully insured for working in your home and at height, we are also HETAS - Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme HETAS registered solid fuel appliance installation and servicing engineers.

We know how your fire works

HETAS registered installers are trained and approved to UKAS standards and can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations.

You can rely on courteous and expert cleaning, repairs and installations, carried out in accordance with national regulations and to the very highest of safety standards, ensuring that no hazardous gases escape into your home and no potentially dangerous soot build-ups are overlooked.

If you would like any further information about any of our services, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to offer you advice over the phone and a free quotation.